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Customer Comments

"Thanks for introducing me to this soap. Greatest stuff I ever used."
                              SS in Nampa, Idaho


"Dear Dr. Susan. I recently discovered your wonderful soap. [It] stood out due to its intoxicating and therapeutic scent. After using it exclusively for several months, I fell in love with its refreshing and soothing feel. Your Poppy Patchouli bar in particular has received many compliments in my home and I feel so good to let my friends know it's made locally and naturally. Thank you so much for such a fabulous product!"
                              TB in Boise, Idaho


"The Minty Medley bar is so refreshing and the aroma is delightful. We discovered your soaps at a local health food store. We have been looking for a natural soap without harmful ingredients that would not burn and irritate my husband's skin.

This is the best soap we have ever used. It does not burn or irritate in any way and leaves the skin soft. I avoid washing my face with soap except once in a while, but your soap does not dry out even the skin on my face and I wash my face with it as often as I like. [My husband] uses it to shave with!

It was a pleasure talking with you; thank you for creating this great soap!"
                              CC and RC in Paso Robles, California


Dr. Susan's Natural Bath Soaps.
Good for you. Good for the earth.

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Tubby the Tub Says:
Skin is your largest organ. Treat it well!!