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Dr. Susan's Soapy Selections

The glycerin, vegetable oils, and honey in each bar of Dr. Susan's soap helps to naturally cleanse and moisturize your skin. Each fragrance has a unique combination of essential oils (E.O.s), exfoliants, and colorants to delight your senses.

We invite you to try our soap. But be warned...you may never be satisfied with "ordinary" soap again!

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Bar of Botanical Bouquet soap

E.O.s: Rosewood, lavender, & geranium
Exfoliants: Cornmeal
Colorants: none!

  Bar of Citrus Splash soap 
E.O.s: Orange & bergamot
Exfoliants: none!
Colorants: Calendula petals
  Bar of Forgotten Forest soap 
E.O.s: Pine, lemongrass, vetiver, & orange
Exfoliants: none!
Colorants: Comfrey
  Bar of Lavish Lavender soap 
E.O.s: Lavender & geranium
Exfoliants: Oatmeal
Colorants: none!
  Bar of Lovely Lemongrass soap 
E.O.s: Lemongrass & tea tree
Exfoliants & colorants: Kelp & lemongrass leaves
  Bar of Minty Medley soap 
E.O.s: Peppermint, rosemary, and vetiver
Exfoliants: none!
Colorants: Green clay
  Bar of Mountain Meadow soap 
E.O.s: Palmarosa, lemongrass, eucalyptus, & dill
Exfoliants: Cornmeal
Colorants: none!
  Bar of Poppy Patchouli soap 
E.O.s: Patchouli, palmarosa, and geranium Exfoliants: Poppy seeds Colorants: none!
  Bar of Rosewood Refresher soap 
E.O.s: Rosewood & palmarosa
Exfoliants: Poppy seeds Colorants: Pink clay
  Bar of Tempting Tea Tree soap 
E.O.s: Tea tree, orange, & bergamot
Exfoliants: none!
Colorants: Rose hips & pink clay

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