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What are essential oils?

Essential oils are prepared from herbs, flowers, bark, roots, and fruits. They carry the highly-concentrated scent of the source plant and, some say, retain the plant's medicinal and therapeutic properties.

It takes a lot of plants to concentrate out just a little bit of the scent, so essential oils aren't cheap. Nonetheless, Dr. Susan's Natural Bath Soaps are scented only with luxuriant blends of pure, plant-derived essential oils. We don't skimp on essential oils in our soap recipes, because we want each bar of Dr. Susan's soap to be a sensory delight!

We often get asked the related question...

Why don't you have almond-scented soap?

Almond. Vanilla. Cucumber-melon. Unfortunately, we do not scent soaps with some of your favorite fragrances. We wish we could, but not all plants have essential oils, so you can't always extract the essence of a plant.

If that's true, then you may be wondering why you can buy soap that is almond-scented. Those soaps are scented with artificial, synthetic fragrance oils.

We feel strongly that un-natural scents don't belong in a bar of Dr. Susan's Natural Bath Soap. We encourage you to sample some of our essential oil-scented soaps. Who knows. You may soon have a new favorite fragrance!

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