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How do you preserve Dr. Susan's Soap?

One of the secrets to making a gentle, moisturizing bar of soap is to use a little extra oil. That extra oil is left behind after the lye and the oils have combined to make soap. Such a "superfatted" bar is gentler because the extra oils moisturize and leaves extra, moisturizing oils.

Superfatting sounds like a great deal, but there is one problem. Tose extra oils in superfatted soaps can become rancid if they sit around for too long. What to do?

  • One solution is to make a harsh soap that isn't superfatted with extra oils. That gives you a bar of soap that will last a long time. But that's at least partly because no one wants to use it!
  • Another solution is to make a superfatted, moisturizing soap and add a synthetic preservatives. Unfortunately, many of those are suspected carcinogens.
  • Dr. Susan's solution is to add grapefruit seed extract. GSE is an anti-oxidant that naturally extends the shelf life of soap.

The best solution of all is to buy our soaps in small quantities and enjoy them soon in the bath, shower, or sink!

What else is in the soap?

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