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Lavish Lavender

The ancient Romans bathed with lavender for its antiseptic properties. Modern Romans (and others!) like it for its calming properties. Trouble sleeping? A warm bath with Dr. Susan's Lavish Lavender before bed may be the answer!

Lavish Lavender soaps

Lavish Lavender is hand-crafted with:

  • Saponified oils
    • Olive moisturizes and cleanses
    • Coconut improves lather
    • Palm hardens bar
  • Lavender & geranium essential oils naturally scent bar
  • Oatmeal exfoliates
  • Honey moisturizes
  • Grapefruit seed extract naturally preserves bar

Each bar also includes the glycerine that is naturally produced in soap-making.

Dr. Susan's Natural Bath Soaps.
Good for you. Good for the earth.


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Skin is your largest organ. Treat it well!